101 JUDO IPPONS 2011 — CHOOSE THE FINAL IPPON | Спортивный клуб "Слобожанец"


101 JUDO IPPONS 2011 — Coming Soon. Help us choose the final ippon — vote now at judovision.org — http://www.judovision.org/?p=14609.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 комментариев к записи “101 JUDO IPPONS 2011 — CHOOSE THE FINAL IPPON”

  1. Silvio Raúl Perez:

    el 5 es una falta por que no se puede agarrar el pantalón 

  2. Cristi Ancau:

    Jucam este tare adică ăla în albastru ia bătut pe toti

  3. Ali Ibrahimli:

    Ippon. The most beautiful sport. 

  4. the best yudo:

    -suscribe too my channel and i suscribe too yours
    suscribite a mi canal y me suscribo al tuyo



  6. labib lamin:

    ça c’ est chaud

  7. Эдуард Николаев:


  8. anderlecht1969:

    9 = 100 % judo

  10. Paul Kuepfer:

    #4, but then again, #5, because… who the hell does that? I have never
    witnessed move #5 in competition. Bravo!

  11. Yann Peniguel:

    What is the music please ?

  12. Randy Bailin:

    The referee is certainly well dressed. Must’ve had a wedding to attend
    after the match.

  13. veronica williams:

    For ya’ll saying you don’t get this sport, I myself am a Judoka and I’m
    telling you I don’t get this kind of matches either. If you really wanna
    see what a Judo match is about go check out the japanesse fighters, that’s
    the real deal, everyone else compiting (like at olympics and such big
    tournaments) just block their opponents as much as they can and barely go
    for the throws or the real ground work. So there’s that.

  14. nosirrahx:

    Her killer instinct is much improved now. She was great back then but today
    she goes in for the kill on pure instinct. In the Davis fight Davis was not
    even finished bouncing off the ground after the throw and Rousey was
    already pounding her face.

    So what do you think? Does Rousey retire undefeated, fight until age and
    injuries do her in or get her ass handed to her by one of women she is
    currently inspiring to become a fighter?

    I am betting she goes the way of The Rock. She will check out at the top of
    her game and make a shitload of $ in the movies as the female badass.

  15. HombreSinBigoteEl3:

    Isn’t that the same cocky cunt who claimed she could beat any Jiu-jitsu

  16. Jason Downs:

    I’m a judo practitioner, it’s such a fun martial art/sport to perform, but
    it’s boring as fuck to watch. 

  17. Paulie G:

    Cool Ronda Rousey Video.

  18. Bull Lea:

    you are olympic judo champ only when you get the gold .

  19. Stephen Ezell:

    How does a second or third place finisher get called champion,that champion
    honor goes to first place ,number one Ronda didn’t win gold she was a
    loosed. She got beat.

  20. narcotect:

    dont really know what im watching.. how was the point one? was it cos she
    pinned her? 

  21. Muyanzi Reid:

    This is only boring if you are ignorant. This was a very technical and
    competitive match.

  22. onebadmoto:

    she was not a champ, she got third.

  23. Elias Utta:

    Ronda queria dá um armelock na brasileira !

  24. rumvodkaf1:

    they keep grabbing each others tits

  25. Josue Soares:

    Grande Ronda desde cedo mostrando ser uma guerreira,além de beleza talento
    e dedicação;parabéns!!!

  26. Ray Rocco:

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I almost fell asleep !!!!!!!!

  27. StandardRacing:

    While I respect the style, this match was about as exciting as watching
    grass grow.

  28. minervius:

    e honda housy :D no question e.honda wins

  29. Metalman940:

    Big deal…Ronda Rousey. I’m not impressed.

  30. Joe Smith:

    Was this footage shot with a nokia flip phone? 

  31. John Mabry, Jr.:

    Wow man these guys are intense I mean women lol

  32. junior lemos:

    E a Maira Aguiar é duríssima 

  33. Giovani Ramirez:

    This isn’t the olympics. Is it?

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