2012 NCJA Collegiate National Judo Championships Highlights | Спортивный клуб "Слобожанец"

2012 NCJA Collegiate National Judo Championships Highlights

The 51st annual NCJA Collegiate National Judo Championships were held at San Jose State University on March 10th, 2012. Over 180 contestants fought for the title of National Champion. Results:…
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25 комментариев к записи “2012 NCJA Collegiate National Judo Championships Highlights”

  1. Gabriel Beauregard:

    Illegal holding of the leg at 5:30 ?

  2. youssef Elkoshairi:

    crazy judo fighting

  3. Ryan Jubb:

    I have always wanted to try judo. My dad was a brown belt in judo and use
    to throw me all over the place! I currently study bjj, but may give judo a
    try for the take downs. I’m 31 though so not a spring chicken anymore!
    Hopefully my body can still take it. 

  4. shane smalls:

    hmmm, i was thinking of either doing bjj or judo to supplement my mma, it
    looks like judo would be the most beneficial 

  5. derrick smoove:

    My older brother, who is in the fbi now, was really good at judo, and when
    he used to be a police officer, he told me that judo made taking criminals
    down, and cuffing them really easy.

  6. starlo3:

    0:35 Ken Masters!

  7. Jason Eckard:

    That was a slick armbar at 2:20

  8. B Rizzle:

    1:48 great job ref…

  9. Bruno Reis:

    Parabéns para os faixas brancas

  10. manz92:

    Man I am so crap at judo, I doubt I will ever get a black belt, though
    worth a try right

  11. LarryRickenbacker:

    I’m 50 and have a bad back, but Judo looks like a blast!

  12. judoguy307:

    2:22, 3:03 juji gatame, 4:11 sankaku jime

  13. Matt:

    Why do these guys hold on the choke after the opponent has tapped? Just
    seemed a bit disrespectful and dangerous to me

  14. agucho sanchez:

    Hola soy de Argentina hago judo hace 2 años, soy cinto naranja. Muy lindos
    videos subieron, los felicito por su apoyo al judo, muchas gracias desde
    Tucuman — Argentina. Hello I am from Argentina I do judo 2 years ago, I am
    an orange belt. Excellent videos rose, I congratulate them on its support
    to the judo, thank you very much from Tucuman — Argentina

  15. John DelNorte:

    this makes me want to work out.

  16. kapilegion:

    i’ve never seen so bad level like this .. is it an usa championship ?

  17. trigga trey:

    bjj is just focusing on groundwork more. Judo is both groundwork and standup

  18. Ruben Vestnes:

    thats was not the correct answer friend. it should be enough with 2-3 claps
    on the opponent to make him let go of the submission. but yeah, some people
    like to rub in the victory to their opponent.

  19. guitarspectre:

    let me ask here. Please if someone can answer. Why there is only 1 fall?
    Why not the best of 3 falls?

  20. coldshandy:

    Hey, the 5.03,is that a redbelt?:O

  21. mark9104:

    I guess he is an orange belt, I think it is gokyu for USJA?

  22. grahamhg:

    It is legal, always has been.

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