Georgia vs Kazakhstan — Quarter-Final — Judo World Championship Teams Chelyabinsk 2014 | Спортивный клуб "Слобожанец"

Georgia vs Kazakhstan — Quarter-Final — Judo World Championship Teams Chelyabinsk 2014

Georgia vs Kazakhstan — Quarter-Final — Judo World Championship Teams Chelyabinsk 2014 -66 kg — Amiran Papinashvili (GEO) vs Yeldos Zhumakanov (KAZ) -73 kg -…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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29 комментариев к записи “Georgia vs Kazakhstan — Quarter-Final — Judo World Championship Teams Chelyabinsk 2014”

  1. Blind DEVIL:

    chrikishvili imena mgelia raa ra gdeba gaakete imena :D 

  2. MTIULILev22:

    oqruashvili magari siri mochidavea ras dayavt eg ver gavige

  3. Kanat Malim:

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    Kazakhstan.There are 5 languages in video with subtitles below. Just
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  4. Ariely Carvalho:

    Rose sent me here!

  5. Beingjustpriyanka:

    rose ellen dix send me here but I too want this song I love this…..

  6. erin antonio:

    Love the song! it’s cool.
    Thanks to +RoseEllenDix!!

  7. blaise TK:

    Great track looking forward to your next one

  8. KrisBex southcott:

    Sorry for asking is this under any copyright i would love to use for my
    intro on my channel?

  9. WhatsUpDigga:

    wow what a tune for a newcomer, greetings from germany! 

  10. Adine mwuahh:

    : liked this song because of +RoseEllenDix «Channel Trailer» video .. 

  11. Fatima Almutiri:

    +RoseEllenDix Thank u. Love it

  12. 93mwatanabe:

    Soo good! Currently on repeat!

  13. cameron bailey:

    Holy shit! Judo this is incredible! Keep up all the great work. I love it,
    Liked the video and subscribed! I’m downloading it right now.

  14. Stacy St Clear:

    +RoseEllenDix Sent Me Here =)

  15. LeighVideos:

    Rose dix sent me here 

  16. NADA Ismail:

    this song is pretty dope! 

  17. scary1104:

    Hey Judo, I can’t decide whether I like or dislike this track. I loved the
    beats coming out of it and the lyrics suited perfectly but i’m just not
    sure how much I enjoyed the high pitched beat, it kinda reminded me of a
    Japanese game like super mario… Anyway I will listen a few times and i’m
    sure to listen to some of your other stuff when you decide to release it
    because I can tell your a pretty talented producer anyway. Keep up the good
    work :) Namaste

  18. Diego Chulo:

    Not my type of music but very good :) keep te good work 

  19. Chloe Sevigny:

    ROSEELLENDIX sent me here

  20. Tarek Peschke:

    Holy Shit !!! So awesome !!! Keep doing this music….
    Greetings from Germany

  21. xquintero712:

    Not bad dude love the use of vocals 


    where do I ask for the download… Cuz… Hot Damn!

  23. baderrorek:

    Thanks Rose! xx That’s really great :) 

  24. Mark Reddy:

    really nice track, nice work Judo

  25. Mike Delima:

    This is really good. Keep doing what you do best and make good music. Could
    i have a download link?

  26. TheLukaDimension:

    Muy bueno!, espero el próximo, saludos desde Argentina!

  27. Jonathan Degroot:

    Great track, keep at it! You got good vibes!

  28. Valter Macario:

    Fucking awesome

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