Georgian JUDO | Спортивный клуб "Слобожанец"

Georgian JUDO

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Olympian and Judo Black Belt Sophie Cox Head Instructor of Fighting Fit Judo Club in Manchester is filmed here by the Warrior Collective giving a step by step tutorial on her take on the no…

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10 комментариев к записи “Georgian JUDO”

  1. Nika Obolashvili:

    ეგრე გააგრძელეთ ბიჭებო

  2. beks m:

    araushavs lasha cinaa kvelaperi

  3. bandanavillain:

    Dzaan kai magari videoa, saqartvelos gaumarjos!

  4. Jin Gang:

    Oh this is cool. I’m glad I ran into this. I was initially looking for the
    sacrifice throw with the gi but now this is better because I now can
    practice both.

  5. BraggingRights ETHAN:

    good commentairy

  6. chris regan:

    nice variation on this,also good instruction,good guality video and
    audio.well done.

  7. Mike Hamidi:

    Thanks for the video. I see an opportunity for a Koga tani-otoshi counter

  8. Jake Ferrell:

    This actually looks like a high percentage throw I think the wrist control
    to entry is a little impractical for MMA but I believe every judo throw is
    applicable in MMA if you set it up with good striking or clinch work. 

  9. tie oneon:

    very good
    well explained

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