JAPANESE JUDO — JUDO COMPILATION — OlympicJudo | Спортивный клуб "Слобожанец"


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Judo Class Demonstration (Skill Review Session) at LA Valley College on May 1st, 2013. Demonstration performed by students who have completed more than one s…

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25 комментариев к записи “JAPANESE JUDO — JUDO COMPILATION — OlympicJudo”

  1. Ben Funk:

    Wow! That’s good stuff!

  2. EmpiricalPragmatist:

    Rats! These techniques are so clean and well performed that I was really
    hoping they would cover De Ashi Harai. Anyone know where I can find a good
    example of it by people like this?

  3. cale elac:


  4. biggy cross:

    And then the man in blue won a million dollars and flew to a cruise

  5. Hiphop101ize:

    Dam they rag dolled that dude for 15 min. Nobody else wanted to get thrown

  6. luixito:

    that same poor bastard got trown around all 42 out 45 times lols!!

  7. Judy ann gaballo:

    The guy that they’re throwing must be hurt a lot. HAHAHAHA! 

  8. Raul Osheiba:

    Poor uke! Obviously chosen for his good ukemi!

  9. Henry Rossiter:

    Which of these could I hit in a high school wrestling match?

  10. Fourat .M:

    so 15 falls and each one 3 times 15×3=45 , this dude was thrown around 45
    times feel sorry for him

  11. superphatT01:

    I went to valley college. Why didn’t I take this class?

  12. Green Djinn:

    a lot of these throws look very similar. When you start practicing Judo,
    do the different throws feel significantly different?

  13. EvendimataE:

    the judo class is exclusive for students of valley college?

  14. Andrewpeeonyou:

    I think we all know who was late for class that day…

  15. Bob Hee:

    what if my opponent won’t coorperate with me, what do i do then?

  16. Noah Roland:

    there are ways they practice falling without being hurt. thats why the dude
    in blue can get thrown all day. its usually called a break-fall.

  17. frank doss:

    The uke just got thrown 45 times in a row. Very impressive uke. Thanks.

  18. tetsuken-ryu:

    morote seionage looked pretty awesome by the student

  19. Thomas Krekel:

    Ja Enfach Gut ; ;

  20. TheTaoofJKD:

    The guy taking the falls is definitely an instructor. Blue Gi and a Black
    Belt. Those falls are like nothing to him at this point. He’ probably just
    about perfected his break fall and can relax completely. Definitely not a

  21. Aaron Wolbach:

    Really nice Yoko Guruma too.

  22. yt ofso:

    He must be a rookie. Lets throw this new guy around.lol

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