Judo Breakfalls don’t hurt you. Learn how, join judo. | Спортивный клуб "Слобожанец"

Judo Breakfalls don’t hurt you. Learn how, join judo.

Judo falling video to encourage joining, showing it doesn’t hurt when judoka fall over. No bruising and no broken bones….. http://www.chchma.co.nz/ Please SHARE and SUBSCRIBE.

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11 комментариев к записи “Judo Breakfalls don’t hurt you. Learn how, join judo.”

  1. ESL Insider:

    Cool. When you land on the pavement you’re landing on the surface of the
    whole leg and arm? I noticed sometimes when I get thrown I get a little
    whiplash in my neck. Is there something I can do to avoid this?

  2. johnny102marvin:

    This guy is tough as nails. I am impressed that he could do this on a
    street. I get rattled just doing it on a rubbery floor mat in the gym that
    is also padded with foam. 

  3. Kevin Joseph:

    man this guy is so cool no hand high break falls are terryfing

  4. Andrei Lukyanov:

    Totally awesome! But why the heck IJF forbids Te-Guruma and Morote Gari?!

  5. That Dude:

    ukemi isnt only judo, it is also trained in some karate dojos too

  6. Michael Williams:

    Break falls are designed to stop you from breaking bones and are not
    designed to stop you from getting bruises, we’re taught to jump shoulder
    height and break falls on wood and concrete.

  7. Wayne Perry:

    I just made a short breakfall video but your one makes me look weak! I love
    that you did the most dynamic one outside on hard terrain.

  8. Paul Forrest:

    That’s hard core Graeme…that’s not a mat hidden under some gravel on the
    road is it :) …..just kidding of course..

  9. kevin lim:

    isnt it spelt «break» fall??

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