Judo Grand Prix Zagreb 2014: Day 3 — Final Block | Спортивный клуб "Слобожанец"

Judo Grand Prix Zagreb 2014: Day 3 — Final Block

Judo Grand Prix Zagreb 2014 Location: Zagreb (CRO) Date: 12-14 September 2014 Friday, 12th September: -48, -52, -57, -60, -66 kg Saturday, 13th September: ,-…

I’m uploading this cuz it’s 50 years old and awesome. His unthrowability sections at 25:25 and 56:45, and ne waza at 30:45 minutes may be some of the most im…

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25 комментариев к записи “Judo Grand Prix Zagreb 2014: Day 3 — Final Block”

  1. SwedishGrammarPolice:

    I knew the martial arts have been dumbed down…

  2. Andrew Fleming:

    Many of these techniques are now banned in competition, which to my mind is
    rubbish. International sporting judo has lost the essence of judo.. thanks
    for posting…

  3. BJJ Hacks TV:

    Excellent video of old-school judo instruction from Mifune, who was a 10th
    dan practitioner of the art. Lots of lessons to be learned here. 

  4. Jon Dye:

    Mifune — The Essence of Judo (subbed)

  5. dapras:

    No wonder they call BJJ Basically Just Judo

  6. Daniel Diaz:

    thats a true master knew what his students were going to do before they do
    it beautiful thats art

  7. Panther Combative Arts:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  8. Shawntaze Phillips:

    Hahaha looks like he is slamming hitler on some parts hahaha

  9. Mizuki Fuentes:

    It ought to be great to learn as karate, aikido, kenjutsu asjudo. All are
    one or are able to become one thing.

  10. dwi praptomo:

    thanks mate… this vid is like a jewel hidden in youtube :) very
    appreciate ur upload

  11. Panther Combative Arts:

    Great vids thank you 

  12. cherif legraf:

    that is judo , the essence of it the gentle way , many of today judoka
    should go back to the bases of judo . thats where all judo is . 

  13. LeopoldUlysees:

    I feel honored to be able to watch this.

  14. Noel ALBANESE:

    Pour tous ce qui aime le judo a voir absolument !

  15. R Smith:

    Thank you, Mike, for making this incredible piece of martial arts history

  16. Vasco Machado:

    The essence of Judo!

  17. dapras:

    WOW I’ve got a lot to learn…

  18. charles batista:

    thanks for the video

  19. SuperDUDERIKI:

    Plus,Judo practitioners in the US are often called «players» which just
    shows their blatant (dis)respect towards a superb martial art.They should
    just stick to wrestling.

  20. J.:

    Yes, ground fighting predates Kano — I’m not saying he invented newaza —
    but Maeda trained at the Kodokan and BJJ follows the Kodokan method: white
    judo-gis and coloured belts, warming-up, drilling and sparring, grading and
    competition etc. The things that distinguish Brazilian-style from
    Japanese-style newaza have nothing to do with Fusen. Fusen did not teach
    no-gi, nor inverted guard.

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