JUDO — Highlight Dusseldorf Grand Prix 2013 | Спортивный клуб "Слобожанец"

JUDO — Highlight Dusseldorf Grand Prix 2013

Highlight of the 2013 Dusseldorf Grand Prix, the first Grand Prix of 2013!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комментариев к записи “JUDO — Highlight Dusseldorf Grand Prix 2013”

  1. JudoMateo:

    To me Judo is the most exciting and realistic form of grappling, the rules
    have always encouraged and enhanced aggressive stand up and quick realistic
    transitions from standing to grappling. I love watching Wrestling but
    without chokes and armbars defense is very easy, and offense is limited. I
    also like to watch BJJ but to be honest the modern styles seem to be
    further from practical grappling than I’d ever imagined possible, serious
    pulling guard, 50/50 guard, deep half guard, and Berimbolos are virtually
    useless in a real altercation.

  2. Jazmin Sotelo:

    Gemma GIbbons, love her!

  3. bluechip17:

    Looks more like Wrestling to me, lots of excessive use of strength then a
    tackle that kind of resembles a throw. Jigoro Kano must be rolling over in
    his tomb.

  4. Pham Khang:

    Can chien Judo la ba dao

  5. Zhaozi Yen:

    What’s the music at 12.30? 

  6. judodoesMC:

    im watching this and im thinking my sister could be here right now if she
    didnt quit for 8 years

  7. Александр Гончаренко:
  8. Antoine Caron:


  9. Bar Cohen:

    Great video, but it will be very helpful if you’ll upload the videos faster

  10. arashbirgani:

    thanks but is too late

  11. Pedro Freitas:

    Again, nice work on these highlight videos. They are awesome! I’d just like
    to make two small remarks: 1) You should *really* try to release the videos
    faster. With the time you’re currently taking, the narration no longer
    makes sense because the information is totally outdated. It feels like
    we’re watching a clip from last year. 2) You should bump up the audio track
    volume. (this one is way too low)

  12. Andri Traustason:

    Please, oh please, let both my ears enjoy the commentary.

  13. Judo柔道Heroes:

    wow, Ono throwed the futur world champion Mammadov ! great fighter

  14. Marc Fortner:

    Oh people. If you want to watch the fights immediately just watch the live
    feed. This is just an extra treat with added Neil Adams. Silly tits.

  15. SuperJudo12345:

    This is way overdue IJF.

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