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Judo Kid Fights 10 kids and wins

Noah fought in 2 divisions and won all 10 fights.

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  1. Ryanahhh:

    I was up against a person 1 and a half feet taller than me they where blue
    I was orange I won my division
    They asked me if i wanted to go on to the higher
    I said yes and won all of my matches
    3 With an ipon by Koshi guruma
    6 with a pin of of a Koshi guruma
    1 with a quit because i threw him and broke his arm

  2. Sanneisa:

    Okay what I don’t get is if he is a white belt by international rules you
    ain’t even allowed to compete until the 8th Kyu. He should bet throwing
    things like Uki goshi and O goshi. Mune gatame or Kesa gatame on the matt.
    No choke holds also not grapping by the lower arm. This is why kids get
    injured. Just because parents want to teach them to much to fast.

  3. Mini Gamer:

    hes good but looks like a total twat who probably goes around his
    playground thinking hes big

  4. adel derakhshani:

    His not teknikal his only power ful

  5. D4N1EL:

    I could own him in one move 

  6. adel derakhshani:

    Do you know him

  7. Biloxy Pacman:

    The kid is talented, BUT unfortunately his is doing ILLEGAL JUDO. His
    throws are mostly Koshi Guruma and Maki Komi Techniques, and his grip
    around the head and across the middle of the back is not permitted for this
    age group, in real competition for injury reason. This kid although
    talented should not be using these throws yet!!! Bad Teaching…Bad

  8. KevinnatorX:

    Good job letting Helen Keller pick the song.

  9. Sanneisa:

    A lot of this move he should have not yet done at this age. Choke holds for
    example. He is good but not legal sometimes.

  10. Tamer98:

    He is very talented in Ne Waza!

  11. Hollow Point:

    That’s not rough if you would get a life and. Actually do judo u would know!

  12. Steven Elliott Jr:

    Wow this young buck is a beast, keep it up and stick with it

  13. Josiah Tan:

    The kid is playing abit too rough, he is injuring ppl neck

  14. Hollow Point:

    Sweet pins kid

  15. Matthew Lazenby:

    I’m ten and I have a tenement at St. John’s that is very my last match I
    one every one 

  16. Hollow Point:

    I got. First in international judo competition

  17. Titus Kilpatrick:

    Were they not allowed to submit?

  18. christian harris:

    Thumbs up if you think the ref for the folirst three matches looked like a
    fat hittler

  19. GVlogs:

    good judo, but damn those belts are huge lol

  20. Noah Alsguson:

    @kap2z Noah has no ego at all. U say let him be a kid. Would being at
    Disneyland as we speak for the 5th yr in a row be considered a kid thing.
    Noah lives like a King. He gets anything he wants. He gets strate A’s in
    school. Noah loves winning and if he doesnt wanna do a tournament he doesnt
    have to. He will never be a douchebag because thats not what we teach our
    kids. He goes to church twice a week. As far as my dreams I have already
    accomplished them.

  21. Tom Davis:

    @othpromo You say he loves winning… see thats the douche-bag attitude

  22. Noah Alsguson:

    @PostonClan At the time of this video it was Noahs 2nd or 3rd Judo
    tournament ever. With only a few months of Judo training. This was a year
    ago. Noah doesnt really pin any more in Judo. He Ippons 99% of all his
    opponents now.

  23. ledneedz:

    The kids a sandbagger he’s obviously got experience in jiu jitsu. That’s
    why he’s hiding chokes. Kid still got talent.

  24. hunterMH1:

    yeah they changed the rules

  25. Noah Alsguson:

    Does anyone know anything about Judo and he also wheres a white belt at

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