Judo Street Fight Techniques | Спортивный клуб "Слобожанец"

Judo Street Fight Techniques

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  1. muffinman1:

    For non-judo practitioners, this video shows improvised self-defence
    techniques (not to say what’s on display is bad).

    There is a branch of judo (Goshin-Jutsu) that deals specifically with

    You should be demonstrating this from a neutral stance, the guy punching
    you won’t come with his guards up and close in on you until after the first
    punch (telegraphing).

    Pretty dangerous to do these throws without a tatami, even on grass.

  2. Justin Dang:

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo are brilliant together.

  3. rr po:

    These type of people most likely have never gotten into a fight. Reality
    now, the only way of having a chance in any fight is to have real contact
    in your sparring sessions(all kinds). Fights are unpredictable and if you
    have never gotten punched in the head and have never exchanged blows with
    somebody, then you lose.

  4. atreyu bidasha:

    Should sprawl out more your leg is left right there in front of the guys

  5. Sean Ó Briain:

    Judo absolutely works. Had local scumbag start a fight with me outside a
    bar a few years ago, closed the distance and threw him with a harai-goshi.
    Knocked the wind clear out of him and fight was over there and then without
    ever been hit. Love judo — miss it loads! 

  6. Roger Villa:

    You really know judo until u become part of it. As when I joined when I was
    4 years old and now just going into my brown belt and I’m 14 and as my
    teacher use to say practice doesn’t make perfect, Perfect practice makes

  7. Arcturus Dunhelm:

    ..Wheres the best place to learn Judo in London? I came here because I
    completely saw a Judo Blackbelt slam a big troublemaker guy outside a pub
    the other night and he was outcold for like 30 minutes and I think he may
    have even broken his collarbone.

  8. koka jashi:

    jajajajajajaja impossibol :) )))

  9. VodKaVK:

    All the throws in Japanese Jujitsu are the same as in Judo. Applying Judo
    to a punch is using Jujitsu. Great video!

  10. Ricky Chiao:

    Stfu..u dont know shit..u grapple lke 2 gafucks

  11. EducatorHQ:

    Don’t engage? got it

  12. chrisy536able:

    Very good Video ;) 

  13. mallick26:

    Yeah Judo is great. Been battle tested for years, I know quite a few
    people that used train Judo and say thats what they used when attacked

  14. Jannie Nortje:

    Dude, I love judo as I have done it for 17 years. man in a street fight, if
    the guy knows what he is doing, he is going to whip your as with the first
    hip throw.

  15. D Pong:

    The guy who is assisting really acts like a dipshit xD

  16. Jannie Nortje:

    Why is Judo good? Because 95% of every fight goes to the ground and in Judo
    you have the advantage of ground work, leg locks arm locks neck locks. In
    Judo you use your enemies weight to your advantage!!!!!!

  17. desertforrest:

    Nice real life applications of judo. Thanks for taking the time to make and
    post this!


    will uchi mata work on street fight???
    no gi uchi mata version would be appreciated it!

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