JUDO TRAILER | Спортивный клуб "Слобожанец"


Promotional video for judo. Specially for Judo in Jasaan (Philippines).
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 комментариев к записи “JUDO TRAILER”

  1. said aibich:

    Dsl pour l ecriture

  2. said aibich:

    Tu reprend born la formulae du judicial

  3. assama marsel:

    judo is the most powerful :D 

  4. amine DZIRI:

    judo is the best sport ever!!!!!! but i do muay thai T-T

  5. Avery Peake:

    Name of throw at 2:12 ?

  6. Andronicus011:

    @RONSCHREUDER at 0:37.

  7. strateshootah:

    Yeah. Congratulations for being a world class dumbass.

  8. Mr123PistolPete:

    @crossfire1129 Id say it was more o guruma (large wheel) than ashi guruma,
    ashi guruma the outstretched leg is lower on the leg.

  9. Himmapharn13:

    Cool footage, great judokas!

  10. Mave Delano:

    i used to get into this discipline and damn… its so good!

  11. heriberto betancourt:

    stfuboy. name is sasae.

  12. Sevak A:

    Judoka’s have faster reflexes than the ‘dudes’ who wanna punch you in the
    face, be4 your hand reachers my face, i’ll have your legs and you’ll be in
    the sky high and back on the ground with a broken back be4 you know it ;)

  13. Ron Schreuder:

    At what time is th throw?

  14. joseluiz santops:

    este vìdeo è masa ja respondi

  15. Seandog13:

    can someone tell me how the girl at the start did the 3rd throw cos she
    didnt trip him or anything?

  16. Nick Winkelman:

    freestyler. artist: Bomfunk mc’s

  17. TheDenrix:

    I’ve blue and you? (im 13)

  18. DiegoVieira23:

    Judô, a arte superior…

  19. Varus Thearrowofretribution:

    at 0:10 metin 2

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