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Judo Vs Muay Thai

Reuploaded with the correct title name. David Fernandez is not a BJJ practitioner. In the video its says he is a Judoka, and look at his Gi.. Olympic patch.

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  1. Joe Cor:

    INTERESTING COMMENTS «judo is unbeatable,» and so forth.
    Please hear me out folks. Respectfully I have 39-years total of Judo,
    Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling (Folk/Free Style & Greco), Boxing (for Police Dept &
    Military / Sparring partner for world champ one year), 2 styles of Karate,
    2 Styles of Kung Fu, Tang Su do, Muy Thai Kickboxing (I learned and fought
    in Asia) and of course MMA which incorporates all of them.
    - First, the sign of a true martial artist is humility and respect. The
    second pride gets in the way is when a judo/jiu-jitsu/grappler gets a foot,
    elbow, fist and is knocked out. We must all respect and learn from each
    other. That is true martial arts, not pride and insults. Second,
    the so-called Muy Thai fighter here wasn’t one, and perhaps a novice
    kickboxer of some sort. I have seen many ground fighters get knocked out.
    - Someone said Judo is unbeatable. I love Judo since I a child growing up
    in Hawaii and my Japanese friends introduced me to it. Loved it and
    watching Sumo wrestling — and yes Judo is Amazing! World MMA champ Ronda
    Rousey is a Judo Olympian Bronze Medalist. But consider this: although
    Judo and Jiu-Jitsu are more technically and strategically advanced when it
    comes to flips, throws, chokes, submissions and breaks — PLEASE CONSIDER:
    the UFC MMA champs are dominated by American Wrestler World Champions: Cain
    Velasquez (H-weight), Jon Jones (LH-Weight), Chris Weidman (Middle Weight),
    TJ Dillashaw (Light Weight) and Demetrius Johnson (Fly Weight). All of
    whom routinely devastate and beat down Jiu-Jitsu and Judo fighters.
    American Wrestling is simply explosive, overpowering and has indescribable
    stamina, plus no-gi (like MMA). By the way, who in modern society wears
    thick Gis anymore? I believe, from experience that Judo, Wrestling and
    jiu-Jitsu should be blended together for perfection, while the side-way TKD
    & Karate stance is great for distance fighting, but Muy Thai is best
    for close striking until it goes to the ground. A fighter missing any of
    these tools is incomplete. (someone mentioned striking is best for multiple
    attackers? Yes, but keep moving and RUN AWAY alive — ESCAPE is the key
    there / I know something about combat) Peace out! RESPECT & HUMILITY —

  2. Daniel Bright:

    judo is such a fucking gay martial art its all grapple and submission its
    literally the pussies way of fighting.

  3. Effx03:

    Judo is the best martial arts on Earth <3

  4. John Smyth:

    Mauy thai man is grappling, judo man is striking — good fight , but NOT
    judo v. thai.

  5. mike gee:

    @Daniel Bright-then you have CLEARLY never faced a real judoka! Theres a
    REASON judo is effective! It comes from the even more brutal jujutsu and
    its south american derivative jiujitsu. Higher levels of judo have kill and
    maiming techniques NOT allowed or taught to sport competitors….

  6. Joel Harbord:

    Seems like a bit of a pointless match up. Muay Thai and Judo are completely
    different styles. Muay Thai doesnt use ground work where as thats all judo
    uses. Its clear that the Thai fighter will lose as he just needs to be
    taken to ground. However, take the ground work out and im pretty sure the
    Thai fighter would demolish the judo fighter. They each have their pros but
    also cons.


    I applaud the Judo guy. I’ve been in judo since i was 7 and i always
    thought it was worthless if the other person didn’t have a Gi on but this
    video proved me wrong. But don’t get me wrong the opponent having a Gi on
    probably would’ve cause the fight to end sooner :) 

  8. Conde Patula:

    I dont see any Muay thay fighter in this video LOL. All I see is a judo
    black belt guy pussying out the punches and I see a guy that can barely
    stand up and throw punches. A THAI fighter would defend that judo tackle
    with counter attacks (kicks,push kicks, punches, kness or clenching his
    opponent and destroying him with knees and elbows. This video dissappoint
    me, it does no match the tittle description. 

  9. rockfistMUSIC:

    I don’t know why people in the comments say Judo is «gay» (why you would
    use that word, I don’t understand) because they use submissions. It’s the
    best feeling having your opponent give in rather then just blacking them
    out. The opponent either walks away with a broken limb or has to admit that
    they lost. Much better than a knock out in my opinion. 

  10. pepe cojones:

    Great submission, could have broken that arm, saved by a referee’s good
    call and having the sense to tap out! Well done.

  11. Hồng Vân Khang Trương:

    The skillful finish made the fight worth watching


    Everyone is laughing because Judo normally don’t use punches but Judo don’t
    even need that. Once you’re in a serious submission hold you’re wishing
    never to be borned lol

  13. Mad Hatter:

    My father has a history of being a great Judo fighter but my mother is from
    Thailand and Muay Thai is more suitable to my build…I dunno what to do.

  14. bodygearcenter:

    ball shit where come from this thai boxer ,

  15. DavidSmith ImpactFitnessofforestcity:

    I wished grapplers would learn to fight and fighters learn to grapple 

  16. Kronstadt Sailor:


  17. Naif Gobory:

    Although I do not like Judo , but I have to admit its so effective and
    powerful ,Judoka might defeat most of fighting style, MMA people are
    boasting and claim they are the best ,they are the men ,so Judo is their
    cure .

  18. kazuto kazuton:

    Judo is the one and only unbeatable martial art

  19. berzerk fury1:

    youre an idiot if you think he could kick him, judo was looking for that
    one kick, punch and he has an inside you cant do anything to someone whos
    advancing and is waiting for you to throw something hes going to take you
    down regardless 

  20. lks cazador:

    Un judoca contra un luchador de Muay Thai q aburrido obvio que ganararia el
    judoca es solo llevarlo al piso y listo aplicar una llave y chau.

  21. mike gee:

    @Rogue Manatee- training habits and muscle memory! I have been to
    competitions where jiujitsu and judokas have the advantage on their
    competitors and seem to stall-often its because of training where its
    ingrained NOT to hurt your sparring partner-most fighters know the
    difference, some slip back into training mode for a second or two, some
    simply dont feel they need rush the victory as they know the other
    competitor cant overcome them….

  22. Matthew Landry:

    I respect the skill of ground fighters, but I feel like there’s something
    inherently manlier about two sides standing toe to toe and beating the shit
    out of eachother with fists and/or feet. Judo guy was clearly the better
    fighter in this matchup though. 

  23. Dieva Lala:

    Muay thai needs to adapt the muay boran ground techniques, ground fighters
    are dangerous

  24. GhostPhace:

    The techniques used were BJJ the fighter is normally a judoka, the opponent
    needs more ground work. Simple logic, why is everyone arguing?

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