JUDO World Championship — Tokyo 2010 | Спортивный клуб "Слобожанец"

JUDO World Championship — Tokyo 2010

JUDO World Championship — Tokyo 2010.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Highlight of Tokyo Grand Slam 2012.

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  1. asel nurmahanbetova:


  2. Mario Amaran:

    Esto es mi vida el judo The world champion

  3. vasif qyasov:

    judo world championship Tokyo 2010

  4. Hobofobico:

    both techniques would had been hard to execute considering Nishiyama’s

  5. A9SecondSleeper:

    Ah yes thx for reply — I’m no pro (not even Shodan) but I think attempting
    kata/te guruma would haven preferable to being thrown for ippon. Maybe he
    could have stalled and waited for matte! I figure this might be 1 reason
    they changed the rules and made the exception like that

  6. TheAAzeez:

    Morishita’s throw starting at ~32:30, looks to be an ashi guruma rather
    than an oguruma.

  7. Frozen Skyy:

    go do some research on judo.

  8. A9SecondSleeper:

    Hey thanks for reply see post above

  9. Shambuku Herrera:

    both styles teach that stuff but neither allows knees , elbows, or joint
    attacks in competition. I’ve done both. you don’t know what you’re talking

  10. ortelere:

    That doesn’t reflect the sport as a whole, bud

  11. gavipk:

    There is lots of Judo/Jujitsu in MMA & the UFC. Ever seen a fight won by an
    armbar(ude hishigi juji gatame), triangle choke(sankaku jime), naked
    choke(hadaka jime), arm triangle(kata gatame), heel hook(kakato garami),
    leg lock(ashi higishi), knee bar(hiza garami), neck crank(gyaku higishi),
    omoplata(sankaku garami), gogaplata(kagato jime)… ?

  12. draco anderson:

    nope i already knew that….. now with traditional jiu jitsu spawned
    Aikido, Bartitsu, judo. from judo Brazilian jiu jistsu from there i’m gonna
    say sambo even though most of its leg locc move come from catch
    wrestling……wat ever it all started from japan folks.but thats actually
    a good thing that u know about the history of judo.Which is the most
    effective out of the all of them….. i’m goin to Say judo and BJJ.

  13. ortelere:

    Yes, there is japanese cultural prejudice against women, but the sport is
    international. How the japanese treat their women does not stain the entire
    sport. People are mistreated in every sport.

  14. SuperDUDERIKI:

    Yeah,its the correct pronouncation,but JuJutsu is used to prevent confusing
    it with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

  15. John Smith:

    Yeah, he’s been training for like ever, and grew up in a pretty bad
    neighborhood, that’s where the first one happened, the second when he was a
    cop. But iget what you mean, how reality is different thatn training.

  16. Volgeblanc:

    what about the olympic female competitors from japan cruelly beaten by
    their coach?

  17. Szabolcs Erdős:

    Zantaraiaaaaa :D :D:DD best judoka in the 60kg :)

  18. vladgod1:

    not in 2010… you couldnt even touch the leg back then

  19. Hobofobico:

    legal, yes. although I doubt it would had work…

  20. Volgeblanc:

    Yes, I remember the issue. It´s a calamity. Many soccer teams in Mexico are
    owned by the Mob. Narcs kill players. Answer: Judo is a creation of an
    educator, Jigoro Kano. The purpose of Judo, as originally designed, is for
    helping people. If we don´t follow the true spirit of Judo, then Judo is
    not better than a soccer mexican team owned by The Mob or could be the
    Japanese Yakuza.

  21. Dimitris Light:

    JUDO — Highlight Tokyo Grand Slam 2012

  22. ActionFan:

    ninjaaaaaa’ haiiijaoaaaaa xD

  23. ThisDudeLovesFood:

    true true, especially with all of the new rules that have been implemented.

  24. CrimsonDrago:

    i do the same! uchi mata is my favorite.


    Jimmy Pedro Judo for BJJ is a great starting point. Watching this high
    level competition is gear more to win by throw not for a takedown that
    translate to well into groundwork.


    so all judo is is gaining leverage on your opponent and clipping their legs
    what a joke

  27. Jack-Hammer Jackson:

    I guess the Gi makes all the difference in the world

  28. itheuser:

    There is nothing incorrect about the way he pronounces the Japanese names.

  29. Teemu Koivisto:

    Great videos. I keep looking tips for my BJJ stand up here.

  30. draco anderson:

    it’s the truth!i been whopping people ass in bjj tornements with my
    judo….. i just think we need a poster boy or a golden girl to represent
    judo for Canada…or a least medal!

  31. OberstGenosse:

    great video ty ….

  32. piperzzzzzzzzzz:

    some bjj guys like me do takedowns

  33. silentmind34:

    When they talk about Young team….holy crap…some of them haven’t even
    finished with their pimples yet!!!!

  34. vteckid82:

    If you train a few months in Judo you would dominate some BJJ guys in stand

  35. Yakuza Kin:

    Макс красавчик,твоё место,первое!!!

  36. sonomama82:

    Neil how are so good at judo and so terrible at pronouncing Japanese names.

  37. nealPHOENIX:

    19:21 since when is Iliadis from London? Is there a London in Greece?

  38. HiroyasuInoue11:

    Awesome video thx

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