JUDO World Championships — Paris 2011 | Спортивный клуб "Слобожанец"

JUDO World Championships — Paris 2011

2011 World Judo Championships for Seniors which took place in Paris, France. The Flagship Event of the International Judo Federation.

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комментариев к записи “JUDO World Championships — Paris 2011”

  1. leothelion634:

    my left ear loved this video

  2. Amilton Decas:

    as tecnicas são surpreendentes..,.

  3. Alex King:

    Thank you all out there for subscribers to my channel A1989K
    twitter.com/#!/AlexRawFootage Blind Judo Foundation

  4. raybu98:

    PERU: hola amigos de todo el mundo os mando saludos y opino que tiene buena
    técnica teddy reiner.:)

  5. Sei Jorden:

    purple nurple waza @ 0:35

  6. Manuel Brown:

    Exactly!! Greetings from Costa Rica

  7. Kimmy Barnes:

    This Is awesome shit!!!

  8. Yann-Story LOBE:

    I have very quite technique. Especially when they are the French people who
    gains !

  9. mesut ozil:

    Kim Jae-Bum is just too good in -81kg

  10. animi.spirit:

    where can I buy or download the entire championship???? My cousin is an
    uprising star in Cuba, he is 16 and I want him to watch this!!! No internet
    back home, remember.

  11. gael crispoux:

    every video is this way

  12. Manuel Brown:

    Nifontov, Isaev and Khaibulaev are best!!!!!

  13. sabinoson:

    Good stuff (and painful to watch! Would hate to get slammed!) :-) Now,
    combine that judo skill with boxing, gymnastics…and an indestructible
    shield…and you’re Captain America!

  14. austin:

    my left ear enjoys this video

  15. luis torres cobas:

    es un buen video me gusta seve un gran nivel del judo

  16. hakeem moisa:

    22:38 was a really good foot sweep!

  17. Croking54:


  18. Billy Cheong:

    Sobirov is too strong

  19. SuperJudo12345:

    Kyu-Won Lee- terrible sportsmanship You don’t do that. You simply don’t.
    Always bow.

  20. Bethany Buchan:

    I do judo and I hurt my back so I would not do judo if I was u just saying 

  21. Malcolm McCreary:

    this video was ok but what i do to sweep my friends sometimes lol is to
    first kneel on the ground and face the direction they are in then turn 360
    (or 90 degrees that works well to!) degrees with your foot sticking out use
    the front of your foot so you can hook onto them when you turn the kinda
    curve side of your foot, use that to grab there leg and pull it into the
    other leg if you are be quick and with a medium amount of force sometimes
    people expect it and endure there legs which makes the kick do nothing and
    hurts alot, i do this and it works well, but some people know how to endure
    it well so if they can do that do it with the back of your foot hurts less
    and more force, this is my way of doing it others might not agree 

  22. KT Mamalio:

    I pity the guy in blue, fight back! :D 

  23. thao nguyen:

    judo thật là tuyệt

  24. Bethany Buchan:

    I do judo and I hurt my back so I would not do judo if I was u just saying 

  25. Garoosh:

    Horrible camera angles and direction of each shot. Cant learn properly from
    the constant switches

  26. taylor boynton:

    What if the opponent is realy heavy but weak

  27. Tamahawkm indigo:

    doesnt look very accurate
    the way he was throwing him he was muscling his uke
    causing maybe even muscle damage 

  28. Duy Nguyễn:

    his name Nguyen Duy, Vietnam country expect you to be acquainted with other

  29. Nathan Folkmier:

    Stop hating and yeah you do need to be in shape to do judo, it is more than
    just «technique»

  30. Alex861697:

    This guy is very good at judo, thoroughly deserves his sixth dan grade..

  31. Vernon Robinson:

    that is because judoka learn how to fall without hurting themselves

  32. ippon:

    what the hell. osoto is not a sweep. it’s a leg technique, but it’s not a
    sweep like deashi barai or okuri ashi barai. and hanegoshi isn’t even a leg
    technique!!! it’s koshi waza!!!

  33. Madeline Maria:

    How about a hand to the men who were willing to get slammed to the ground

  34. Mezzo915:

    It’s not about weight, it’s about balance, the more he is heavy, the more
    easily he will fall to the ground, you just have to make your technic
    perfect, and train to be stronger.

  35. sparkleintheyes:

    Do it when i was 16 i was in the one of the lowest weight groups and i
    still kicked some serious ass :)

  36. kondancon:

    take it up man its a great fighting style I’m orange belt going for my
    green been doing less than a year

  37. KG370:

    its not that hard, he’s doing proper breakfall, so that why it sounds loud.

  38. JoachimderZweite:

    I love your rock candy belt Mr roku dan. . British judo is rubbish (Gemma
    excepted). Can you do something about it?

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