One love. Judo motivation | Спортивный клуб "Слобожанец"

One love. Judo motivation

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25 комментариев к записи “One love. Judo motivation”

  1. Hanh Pham:

    she’s so HOT, wish i could be as strong as her, i always procrastinate my
    judo practising, avoid the hard work-out

  2. CJ C:

    yo go girl. I love the Judo game. But I enjoy BJJ and Muay Thai as well.

  3. aam kage:

    Strong girl and cute~

  4. German Auto World LLC:

    I tell you something the girls more aggressive, on any sport, I have been
    doing judo now I am dong bjj, I love it ether one sport.. I would say I
    love any sport.. it is great…

  5. Joe Vitale:

    Wow. I have been taking judo for about 3 months now and i also go to my
    judo club. but wow this girl is just wow. Nothing to say other then that. 

  6. Classicsniper00:

    Dat Seoi Nage @2:44 doe…

  7. Alessandro Pogliano:

    Gran bel video! La passione per lo judo è tutto

  8. Miguel Sousa Lopes:

    this look like nage no kata…

  9. Jose Pacheco:

    I think I am in love

  10. Quit Work Club:

    What a useful quote thank you Extremely motivational indeed.

  11. alejandro guzman:

    Simplemente WOWWWWW!!!!!!!! M encaaaaaanntaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  12. MrWashg:

    She’s got great muscle tone, and a beautiful athletic body!!! She’s
    perfect. I’d love to meet this girl!!! 

  13. LIghtshadow:

    she scares me. :P 

  14. WoyWoy JudoClub:

    Great video for the promotion of Women in Sport — Judo in particular. The
    bar work was impressive & techniques were very good. 

  15. JoshingX:

    Hmmm, she can handle me any day. :D 

  16. TheHm3:

    Girls can’t really have ‘big muscles’ :D any workout is an improvement to
    the female appearance. Evolutionary advantages: Women: Work out almost as
    much as one wishes and will still be attractive to the male eye
    Men: Workout well and will develop larger form and be attractive to the
    female eye.

  17. Tom Snyder:

    this is one tough girl

  18. Judokaaa101:

    This is exactly how i feel when am sitting through a college lecture… I
    just wana get up and hit the gym all i think about is judo and weights…

  19. andell1:

    I wish the video allowed for a clearer view of the guy in the dojo that
    this woman (you?) are training with…he looked GORGEOUS!!! :) 

  20. Jéssica Guimarães:

    alguém sabe que música está tocando?

  21. MrWashg:

    What is her name,and how can I meet her? 

  22. Horacio Carvalhinho:

    i’m in love !!!!!!!!!

  23. 佐藤元信:


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