Ronda Rousey judo workout in Brazil | Спортивный клуб "Слобожанец"

Ronda Rousey judo workout in Brazil

UFC superstar Ronda Rousey visited Flavio Canto’s judo school in Rio de Janeiro, and the MMA champion taught some of her special moves in a seminar to young …
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25 комментариев к записи “Ronda Rousey judo workout in Brazil”

  1. Toonses:

    Wanna be good in mma? Learn judo.

  2. Chris Wong:

    Don’t claim to know much about judo but Rhonda’s style looks different from
    most judoka’s I’ve seen

  3. Muyanzi Reid:

    Cynthia Rothrock would ANNIHILATE Rousey so badly.

  4. Yukmout B:

    I love how you guys are acting like you actually know anything about this. :) 

  5. Gypsyy:

    fuck judo was underestimated in mma till Ronda came along. one of the judo
    flips on your head game over lol.

  6. philrm99:

    By the way on a different subject has everyone seen the opponent Rin Nakai
    that Miesha Tate is fighting later. Her muscles. Wow!!!!

  7. SE7ENdsENVY:

    Jon Jones would literally kill her

  8. Rgkey:

    I dream for the day that a Male Judoka Olympic medalist come to MMA! Come
    on Travis make that transition into MMA! For some reason Judokas have too
    much respect for Judo that won’t do MMA.

  9. Mark Zerdzinski:

    She really is a Master

  10. DarrylEBerryJr:

    @MMAFighting- Would you say Judo and BJJ are «young» games, like can an
    older person compete in high levels. For instance M. Ali got too old for
    boxing in his 30s. Is there an age barrier for judo? for jiu-jitsu? If so

  11. 11bravo1789:

    Ill be honest. After That tuf season I wanted R3 to get he ass whipped. But
    watching her lately she is definitely much more humble and down to earth.
    She is winning me back over.

  12. KiloCharlieOne:

    Sara McMann should have been a challenge, but Rousey keep upping her game. 

  13. trever pitts:

    good video well shot

  14. Jolli Cowpatch:

    theres some hot talent here

  15. john smith:

    This music made me laugh. 

  16. roseagain2:

    Great music, great video 

  17. brennybi:

    Damn judo gives you some strong hips. 

  18. john smith:

    This music made me laugh. 

  19. Ashkizzy:

    Rhonda’s technique is so clean.

  20. Christian Gerhardt:

    Judo the roots of BJJ

  21. Mikey Bernabe:

    I would love to learn judo from Ronda 

  22. Yellowknight888:

    I will «tap» that.

  23. Frank L:

    She knows she is the baddest in that dojo…… 

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