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Shinedown — Diamond Eyes

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  1. geminega west:

    HAHAHA am I the only one to notice that where there is fighting there are
    always russians. I mean , Army, Nuclear, World war 1 and 2, Boxing, Judo,
    MMA , Wrestling , street fights videos . LOL I juste love them

  2. Lontsa Sekaroturecordz:

    I dont know.. you people start talking about how much prosent russian he
    If you black yellow red or what even you are. If you are russian you are
    Russian have more then 100 nationalities. We dont care what national you
    are, we are all brothers !
    Russia always been many many nationalities and stick together. Respect
    others they will respect you ! Peace

  3. Wilson Novaes:

    Fantastic ! Awsome !!!

  4. Aminat Yarmagomedova:

    50 % Russian 50 % Caucasian 

  5. SKEditinq:

    where do you get these clips ?

  6. Holger Schmidt:

    %50 is orginal russian not all ;) 

  7. Хадис Костоев:


  8. Мурад Яндиев:

    4:47 Musa Mogushkov

  9. Alexei Lesukov:

    Russian Judo rules!!!!

  10. Kano San:

    B A M !!! De fameux judokas que ces russes !!!!

  11. John Berntsson:

    Too bad Galstyan throwing Sobirov in 2012 olympics wasn’t on there, but
    awesome vid :) 

  12. pitu357:

    ▶ RUSSIAN JUDO — JUDO COMPILATION — OlympicJudo — YouTube

  13. witardedphuc:

    Total badassery never looked so beautiful. 

  14. judo judoist:

    ewe ewe prosim

  15. Дмитрий Фролов:


  16. George Quintero:

    Russia is so rich in music; why you did not put Russian music in the

  17. Dudongo86:

    Russians…in judo, weightlifting and wrestling the best…

  18. OLYMPIC 柔道 JUDO:

    thank you)

  19. gilgamesh310:

    Naoki Urasawa seems to have a thing for girls that practice grappling type
    martial arts. There’s characters in 20th Century Boys and Monster like
    that. It’s not surprising that he’d write a whole manga based around one.
    I’m surprised this got adapted into an anime though. I always figured
    Monster was the only one that did.

  20. TheNonswa:


  21. ririka sakurai:


  22. Benjamin Fisk:

    FYI a ‘tomoenage’ is the kind of throw she used on the thief, not a judo
    practitioner (‘judoka’)

  23. ririka sakurai:


  24. Richelle Piollo:

    Thank you for these! these are epic! =)

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