SAMURAI SPIRIT JUDO 1/5 | Спортивный клуб "Слобожанец"


samurai spirit cap judo parte 1.
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  1. Saku Yamamoto:

    They are very similar to Aikido and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but the Brazilian
    they have a little bit of throws but they go straight to grappling so
    that’s the reason why it’s a slight differences

  2. jimmy alderson:

    I thought an IPPIN was a form of piont won if u throw ur opponent flat on
    his back

  3. Milo Harper:


  4. jimmy alderson:

    Im 99% sure that the samuri’s used jujitsu which isnt the same as judo
    though the principals and some takedowns are they are very different
    martial arts

  5. Kevin Joseph:

    i’m not a big fan of judo matches but some of their throws are very
    effective in selfdefence

  6. HermesDo:

    is bolo japans national team coach?

  7. Mr.Nice Guy:

    When you are facing your opponent in judo match do you need him to be in a
    correct position to apply throws or can you throw him in any position ?

  8. Brendan Yakura:

    love how he calls a judogi a dogi

  9. Lisa Sparxx:

    @Mr.Nice Guy u can throw him in any position but its ofc much harder. just
    w8 for your time in fight :D 

  10. xcvWeirdo:

    No disrespect but judo does seem more like a heavily stripped sport of
    safety that just can’t trace anything back to jujutsu. Just compare the
    amount of modification e.g. throws landing on back, not on head, only
    grappling + takedown range techniques, no weapon or multiple people
    consideration at all. It’s a bit dodgy to give title a ‘samurai’ title.

  11. Judokaaa101:

    Power Speed and Control thats what makes the opponent land on his back.

  12. xcvWeirdo:

    Got nothing against people who want to respect and use judo as exercise and
    mental improvement but to label it as a martial art is against the name

  13. dieno125569:

    As an aikidoka i always find judo very interesting. I wish i had the
    opportunity to learn it as both arts almost share the same fundamentals :) 

  14. Alfred Mapunda:

    no because he wasnt completely flat on his back

  15. chirotrel:

    What a cool show, many thanks!

  16. XxTBOMBERxX:

    this art is good i dont like it though i like aikido

  17. DLJJT90:

    looked more like ken ken uchimata from that angle

  18. Kimpurusha:

    Actually decision is only when there were no points on each side. If there
    was some score, the higher score wins. Ippon > wazari > yuko

  19. Gianni Mampaey:

    Uchi Mata was also my favorite technique when I did Judo

  20. Tanner LeBlanc:

    actually it depends kendo and karate have a amarican system

  21. evrythingBMX:

    Yesterday i had my first experience with judo style ground fighting. Man it
    was really fun and I can see how useful it would be(currently taking Aikido
    and mixed martial arts).

  22. Patricio Gutierrez:

    It was an attempt of uchi mata …

  23. Black gorilla gunner:

    Ippon seo nage is my fav one

  24. evrythingBMX:

    Dude, it was the first week i started the mma class. Its not like had had
    been going for awhile. If I made it sound that I had been going for some
    time i’m sorry.However I was doing Aikido before i started that class.

  25. Marrow Vandal:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  26. Constantine data:

    tres jolie compilation BRAVO


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