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Tai Chi Master Wang Zhanhai vs Judo

Watch Tai Chi Master Wang Zhanhai test his skills against a Judo practitioner. Master Wang will resist the judo practitioner’s attempts to throw him. Master …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

http://www.facebook.com/SushynatorProduction Mansur Isaev -73kg Russia.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комментариев к записи “Tai Chi Master Wang Zhanhai vs Judo”

  1. lysol5555:

    everthing in china is fake

  2. nativesupport2:

    I seriously don’t get why everybody thinks this is fake.

  3. johnny102marvin:

    The power of Chi energy being manipulated in this video makes the physical
    movements look different than in a regular fight, that is why people think
    it is fake. But, it is not fake. Practice Qi gong for a few years and
    then come back and watch this video again.

  4. MrSleepingtiger:

    It’s not fake. The old guy was just incredibly passive. Of course he can’t
    be thrown when the only thing he did was defend. The idea of judo was not
    to throw a passive target to begin with. Even throwing other judokas is
    hard, because they use less dynamic movements on purouse, so it won’t be
    used against them. By the way, anyone could do the same after 15 minutes of
    training. That’s why this test is nonsense and prooves nothing. 

  5. LMA UK:

    More Non sequitur crap from naive uploaders. It does not follow that Tai
    Chi is better than Judo because one master stays on his feet in one bout of
    non-combat nonsense, just as it doesn’t make judo better if the Tai chi man
    falls over, this is a strawman.

    In the totality of real combat neither Tai Chi or Judo would need to be
    employed as in fact Tai Chi, Judo, Boxing, Karate, etc, etc, do not exist
    in ‘Liberated’ minds as styles are for immature children only, mature men
    see beyond the playground and into the battlefields of combat. Ask yourself
    this…How long would they have been doing their supposed styles if either
    one of them had of gone for an eye gouge, groin grab, throat grab, knee to
    the groin, foot stamp, etc???.

    How long?…. Reality turns the ‘Organised Despair’ into dust with just a
    single wave of its hand.



  6. juan gomez:

    It’s not fake, it’s called acting. 

  7. Vern Trex:

    I trained 15 months in Korea and 2yrs in china.i boxed in the GGs in the
    usa.achieved high ranks in kempo&kungfu.studied judo aikido, Chen and yang
    taiji.i have a room dedicated to all my accomplishments for HS, college,
    and the military.i now study under Randy williams world renowned wing chun
    expert.i have been in fights where my life was at risk and in the ring.our
    mindset is not the same.theres a difference tween fighting for your life or
    fighting to win.conditioning, discipline, dedication to your Pursuit of
    mastering your skills is your journey through life unto death.wherever you
    go, whoever your teacher, you will acquire the skill set on how to become
    better at it.if I let your ignorance…for example…bitch you come here on
    the mat and I will show you that taiji is shit and my judo is
    better….means nothing cept somebody is stupider that the other guy.
    There’s a world of difference between killing someone for real and fighting
    in the ring to win.your training will show what kind of man you are.

  8. Tony Beable:

    I think this is set up, the judoka had so many chances, openings yet he
    only went for the slow o-soto-gari? Also he was going at a very relaxed
    pace. Try versing a conditioned judoka and you will have no chance.

  9. John B:

    The problem is that by «dancing» with the Judo Master, he effectively «tied
    his hands». In a confrontation, the «boxing» techniques of the Judo
    Stylist would not have been able to match that of the Tai Chi Chuan Stylist
    and he may not have been able to get close enough to apply what he would do
    when in close contact.

    I had the same problem when I sparred with a Pro Boxer, and limited my
    actions to those used in Boxing. I managed to hold my own, but it was
    difficult. In a real confrontation, I wouldn’t have had «my hands, (knees
    elbows, etc.), tied»

    Interest to watch though.

  10. 颜景扬:

    the problem of judo is when u wanna get a guy imbalance they always lose
    balance first and the stance is too limited where by the movement is too
    huge and not wide or interchangeable. in other words it is non
    transitional. these limitation makes them hopeless when they at old age to
    try use judo art to martial.

  11. Sensei Rich:

    The chi guy is fortunate this judoka has a kind heart and believes in the
    judo principle of «mutual benefit and welfare.»

  12. GoldenBell Training:

    It’s interesting to read the comments from judo players who don’t realize
    the similarities between Taiji and Judo… both are in essence throwing

    Is it real or fake? Who knows, perhaps the Judo player pulled his throws
    for the sake of the show, perhaps the Taiji player is simply neutralizing
    all of the attacks.

    As to the comments about «internal gongfu doesn’t work in competition» >>
    very untrue. The time required to develop «skill» could be better spent on
    muay thai, BJJ, etc. A professional fighter’s window is very small.

    My personal opinion— study «MMA» when you’re young and full of energy,
    study Taiji/Bagua/etc when you’re older and have some fighting skill under
    your belt. 

  13. jesus sons:

    people who dont see the judoka only use 10% of his strengh in that video
    are fucking emotionaly involve and retard with no logic and analyse
    capacity and he doesnt even try to put him down he was just touching his
    leg with his leg and……hahahaha he didnt even try to put him down CHINA
    IS FAKE everything from china is FAKE even all the object in production are
    fake hahahahaha FAKE COUNTRY!

  14. SuperSneakySteve:

    FAKE! I bet I could take down that Chinese guy.

  15. Travis Kraft:

    They couldn’t even make a good fake video.

  16. nik waggoner:

    as a judo practitioner i will say what this video shows is real but what
    the tai chi guy is doing is called stalling and would lose him any judo
    match. if you are going to challenge another school you must do it by their
    rules in order to establish supremacy in more than just whatever your
    particular school is best at

  17. kigawman:

    Let’s see if this Tai Chi dude can stop elite competitors at the Olympic
    Level. Pathetic, you think these Tai Chi guys will have their martial art
    at the Olympics — NO! I don’t think he’s going to stop any Ne Waza if he
    goes to the ground whether its Judo or BJJ or Wrestling!

  18. Aaron Harvey:

    This «Wang» dude was disrespectful as fuck in the beginning. I wouldda
    kicked his ass out. You don’t walk in someone’s space of training,
    basically these judoka’s second home and say «lol I think tai chi is better
    than judo xD». Even if he could back it up, you just don’t say shit like
    that. You can’t fairly say that one combat sport is better than the rest.
    It always depends on the practitioners. I bet somewhere out there, there’s
    a judoka that could dominate Wang. We just haven’t seen him yet. And it’s
    the same for Tai Chi. I’m not trying to be biased for judo, I’m just saying
    there are all kinds of different people out there with varying skill levels
    of any combat sport.

  19. wiplash1020:

    im calling this one fake and GAY 

  20. Ari T:

    Seeing videos like this make me angry but then I realise not to take life
    so seriously, then I laff. I laff a lot. 

  21. GoldenPimp:

    As a judoka and a kung fu guy, I too say this is 100% fake. The judoka
    could have done so much in some positions that the chi guy would go flying.
    Judo black belts come from years of randori. Just the Tomoe Nage would have
    the chi guy fly out the window. lol. These low stance defense doesn’t work.

  22. Adept:

    Who say that everithig in vhina =fake. Look around and see that you use
    every things made in china. About martial arts — all of them born from
    chineese wushu. All of them. Then today we have many fake, because many
    teacher was fake. 

  23. ronki23:

    I do judo and traditional jiu jitsu and did wrestling in the past and even
    though people say technique is all you need, speed and strength do matter
    because you have to take them off balance before the other person does the
    same and you have to be quick enough to recover. Not sure how he’d do
    against a wrestler.

  24. Woo Hoo:

    02:18 sounds like he saying «Ooh Shit»

  25. Bati Tsogtsaikhan:

    «Uses feet to attack Wang’s lower Body» In reality, the judo practitioner
    is trying sloppy tackles with minimal effort. There is no set up or torque
    from the body by the judo practitioner whatsoever. Even if you don’t
    practice grappling, it is not difficult to resist a takedown. To
    demonstrate the superiority of «Tai Chi», Wang must take him down. Better
    yet, bring Tai Chi into Olympic wrestling and prove it by letting Gold
    medals rain from T’ien.

  26. Jack Laden:

    That dance at the beginning makes me want to be Russian.

  27. Bungo Charo:

    What’s the background music?

  28. Ebe Zwaag:

    Russian’s can’t driving, but Judo they can do it good!

  29. Ilias iliadis0:

    break dance with judo *O*

  30. Vahe Sargsyan:

    Hes not a Russian his in Kovkaz

  31. Akis Scorpion:

    maladets vilikix dastijeniee

  32. I Tenkan:

    What a power house , he’s good ! 

  33. Shahzod Bekchanov:

    This is LEZGINKA mather fuck’a bitche’s

  34. Alexei Lesukov:

    I love him! Very proud!

  35. Andrew Stephen:

    Mansur Isaev throws down some seriously good Judo, and demonstrates some
    classic cossack dancing, breakdancing & more shenanigans

    An incredibly talented Judoka:


  36. Budo Jutsu:

    that breakdance tho

  37. Ballowall:

    I was as impressed with his dancing as I was with his Judo.

  38. Рамис Гатин:

    Очень крепкий человек.

  39. Xadjimurat Ahmedov:

    Dagestan рулит любово порвет по дзюдо и по вольной борьбе 

  40. Daniel Ellison:

    He has some good techniques 

  41. Nathan Ju Myeong Kim:

    Top class skills, low class sportsmanship.
    A stark contrast it makes.

  42. Kelan Adachi:

    Not my favorite player, but his nagekomi is awesome and seeing him dick
    around dancing on the mats is priceless.


    Does anyone notice he does a toprock every time he’s against someone?

  44. ilias iliadis:

    hahahahh na strzała

  45. flooaweeb:


  46. judovision:

    No Hes from Dagestan not chechenya and he trains in chelyabinsk

  47. trigga trey:

    lmao that dance at 0:20

  48. brunivac:

    congratulations!!! Поздравляем!

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