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The Most Dangerous Takedown in Judo & BJJ

Stephan Kesting teaches Kani Basami, the most dangerous throw in Judo and BJJ. More tips, tricks and techniques at

Georgia (GEO) vs France (FRA) — Team Semi-Final in Men — JUDO European Championships — 2014 Montpellier -66 kg — Shalva Kardava (GEO) vs Loic Korval (FRA) -7…
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  1. bernd Das Brot:

    im a judo tournament fighter and this is not dangerous for somebody who
    train to fall.

  2. Rashad Almomani:

    Super high injury rate??? Or risk of severe injury? Which one? Because this
    is news to me, appreciated just I’ve never heard of injuries from this
    takedown before this 

  3. Crooky:

    I have seen this done in karate? It is called a scissor sweep

  4. Jeffrey Lippold:

    Definitely «NOT» the most dangerous throw in Judo or Japanese Ju-jutsu.
    Trust me, I have about 20 throws that are far more dangerous. Ones that
    can Kill or Break the Spinal Cord. I think these are far more dangerous,
    and before someone asks, NO, I am not going to post them on YOUTUBE, but
    you can see one modified (sport) version on my Video Samurai Jujutsu
    against multiple attackers, its the last throw. 

  5. Steve Shanklin:

    I don’t mean to be rude, but I have to disagree with Mr Kesting on this
    one. This is absolutely not the most dangerous technique in Judo. There are
    plenty of others that can cause severe injury or death, depending entirely
    on how they are applied, and how the uke falls. If you know how to do a
    basic back fall without allowing your head to smash into the ground, then
    kani basami is a fairly safe and smooth technique to fall from. Personally,
    I think tai otoshi is far more dangerous, as it has a very high possibility
    of destroying uke’s knee and/or smashing his head into the ground. Tawara
    gaeshi, sumi gaeshi, or tomoe nage can easily send uke’s head smashing into
    the ground, again depending on how the throw is applied. If you are a good
    training partner, you will allow uke the safety measures necessary to let
    him roll or fall safely out of a technique. Honestly, the danger of a sport
    technique comes into play when it is executed in an unsafe manner. Almost
    any Judo throw can be slightly modified to cause severe injury or death by
    preventing uke from having a safe path to escape and roll or break-fall.
    However, I don’t recommend testing this theory.

  6. joopsnoop:

    Do you think Yamashita was better, relatively speaking, than Kimura? Kimura
    was undefeated for 12 years. Yamashita for 9.
    The Endo fight ended in a draw because they didn’t want to spoil the
    record you talked of, namely, being the best for a long time. He hobbled
    through more than one match. 

  7. killerneon302:

    for all you mother fuckers who say the title is misleading, he is saying it
    is the most dangerous takedown in Judo and BRAZILIAN jiu jitsu. not your oh
    so effective japanese jiu jitsu.

  8. Eric AMBM:

    This may seem stupid… but why is this more dangerous then any other
    throw? Even a normal hip throw or shoulder throw, where you flip the guy
    over and (if you want to) land with your body weight on him, can cause
    serious injury. It seem to me that a reverse throw, where you are behind
    the guy holding his neck/ shoulders, bend his back back and toss him over
    your hip so he lands stomach down, could cause a lot more damage.

  9. fcastle:

    This is a scissor takedown that is taught in karate, I learned it about 28
    yrs ago in shotokan karate.

  10. The Insane Asylum:

    You could have had your licence taken away knocking out that kid

  11. Karl Schwaltz:

    Who is this hairless? o.O

  12. ChamorruWarrior:

    I would have assumed a German Suplex would be the most dangerous throw…
    lol Idk, it just seems like the most ridiculous slam ever haha 

  13. IneptSheep:

    rear hip throw ftw

  14. Jan Horn:

    I am fourteen and i use this exact same thing in full contact competitions
    in kempo karate so yes you can

  15. Fraser Moore:

    Can you do this in MMA?

  16. Shawn Smith:

    I’ll show you the most dangerous takedown. It’s called wheel kick to the

  17. Goga Basilashvili:

    This move isn`t injurious at all. I`m training for MMA and i used this
    technique lots of times, and the takedown is usually soft for both, who`s
    doing and on who it`s being used.

  18. grahamhg:

    Still legal in Sambo though. And almost hear the pop? It echoed around the

  19. roki977:

    That and tegoruma are my favorites. One of those throws that is easy to do
    in fight but difficult to demonstrate at least for me.

  20. TheGuileRaven:

    But I see this done in Silat competitions all the time.

  21. Genny C:

    What really like c’mon we learn this in judo class no ones has ever got

  22. andiklesmana muhammad:

    tekhnik» supit udang / gunting » in Silat.

  23. randombaz:

    i learnt this in capoeira. no idea it was so bad ass

  24. Davide Massa:

    A lesson of judo and sportmanship by the greatest -81kg in the world,
    Avtandil Tchrikishvili…

  25. Ignatius Loyola:

    პიეტრი შე ბოზო, ხელი როგორ არ ჩამოართვა :D 

  26. Ronda Rousey:

    Feels kinda weird now, watching back then, and now i’m in UFC. 

  27. benmabrouk leila:

    Vas-y Grégory

  28. Beso Chalidze:


  29. Beso Chalidze:

    ბრავო საქართველო, ყოჩაღ ბიჭებო,,,,,,,

  30. Assylbek Tobyshbayev:


  31. mohd1nagyyyyy:

    hahahhaa under 81 kilos 2 wazaries were cancelled wtf :D 

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