This is Judo II | Спортивный клуб "Слобожанец"

This is Judo II

Judo Trailer.

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25 комментариев к записи “This is Judo II”

  1. Hadjadj Willy:

    beautiful music

  2. Sensei Jacomelli:

    Isto é Judô, a explosão do golpe, a emoção da vitória, a tristeza da
    derrota, o aprendizado no perder para não mais errar.

  3. LustigesDeutschland:

    Мурашки по коже)

  4. Marcofloat:

    A question to all the judokas reading this. What are the chances of
    breaking your nose by doing judo?

  5. Josiah Tan:

    Judokas would die facing many strikers at once. Srsly. Im not bias, i like
    both striking and grappling arts. I practise them too.So u just have to
    learn strike and grapple.

  6. Lukas Palm:

    My dad come 2 in judo champion in sweden :D 

  7. Marcus Bertelsen:

    I might be asking stupid here, but do you also learn locks in Judo?

  8. Dimitris Sypsis:

    0:51 athlete’s name?

  9. Marcus Bertelsen:

    Can Judo be used in a real fight??

  10. Ruslan Rastriga:

    Judo Forever!

  11. fabyjudo:

    Judo forever!!!!!!! It’s wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Alexei Lesukov:

    You can break not only your nose while training, but also your fingers, big
    toe, wrists, ankles, neck, even a leg. Judo is very rough and if you are an
    adult your injuries would not heal that fast. I am talking from my humble
    experience as a Russian judoka who was a judo champion in my youth, long

  13. Vale Rom:

    Name of Judoka at 00:57?

  14. Bu Bir Bant Kaydıdır:

    this is different from other sports. this is exactly some kind of art and

  15. Dimitris Sypsis:


    Song name please?

  16. DemonFox369:

    The over-shoulder throwing in anime is a lot more appealing o.o

  17. brunonator:

    I’ve never seen so many taped fingers in my life

  18. matt smith:

    U mean bjj comes from judo…

  19. Weapons&MORE:

    FUCK you im only 14 and i can beat the shit out of you because of judo,
    pussies play soccer real MEN do JUDO. Also i fucked you moma and applied a
    juji gatame to her she is fine ;)

  20. Damon Mckenzie:

    This is why I love and do judo.this video makes the hair on my arms stand
    up!!! And the song is » heart of courage by two steps from hell

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